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Comcast has introduced a new policy for dealing with spam. They want to protect their users from spam, for which we cannot blame them, but one has to be careful about spam filters, and make sure that they do not remove valid legitimate mail that users really do wish to see. This is where Comcast has failed.

Comcast’s new policy is to block ALL mail from sites from which they have detected a certain amount of spam. Until Comcast changes their spam filtering the only thing you can do is to turn off spam filtering or get a non Comcast email like gmail.  Click below for prayer chain in your browser.

Click here for prayer chain.

How to turn off Comcast spam filtering.

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Lent Devotional 2016

Lent Devotional 2016 click to download.

LENT 2016

Women’s ministry Movie Night

All ladies are invited to a movie night on January 30th at 5:30 in the media room located in the FLC.  The Soul Sisters Kairos group will be hosting this event.  They will be showing War Room and encourage everyone to bring a friend and a finger food!