One Another

one another Do you know that there are close to 60 verses in the Bible that include the phrase “one another”?  It’s amazing how much God wants us to be a part of each other.  Within these verses, we are told to: “Love one another”, “Honor one another”, “Instruct one another”, “Serve one another” and many many more.  It is an undeniable fact that God wants us to pay attention to the needs, joys and sufferings of those around us. 

 Paul describes the church as a body in 1 Corinthians 12.  He describes it in a way that convinces the reader that all of the different parts make up the body and each part should be concerned about every part. 

 Starting with the first Sunday and ending the last Sunday in September Kenny will be preaching a sermon series titled “One Another”.  Its purpose will be to help us all understand that we have a responsibility to one another.  We are not islands nor are we isolated body parts.  We are to be connected with one another so much that we feel one another’s pain and one another’s joy.  This will be a great time for us all to renew our commitment to the body of Christ and do our part to make this body shine with the glory it deserves.

                                                                              Kenny Windsor